Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy cohort 2017

We established our Leadership Academy in 2015 to truly engage our community at a hearts-and-minds level. At its core, the Leadership Academy teaches people how to tap into their wisdom, individually and collectively, by becoming more aware of their triggers and building skills to better address issues in their communities.

OCCCO’s Transformative Leadership Academy is a train-the-trainer approach to creating systemic social change within Orange County. Our curriculum provides leaders with tools for finding their personal power and becoming voices of justice within their faith communities.

OCCCO staff provide guidance and support for leaders to run the program with a cohort of community members. We support leaders as they develop a deep understanding of the curriculum, manage logistics, and attract and retain attendees. Prior to each session, leaders meet with staff to review the lesson plan and make adjustments, inserting relevant information to create a unique program that fits the specific needs of their congregation.

Each of the eight sessions in the program builds upon lessons learned in the previous session:

  • Roots & Values

  • Dignity Not Fear

  • Oppression & Liberation In History

  • Our Resilience & Strength

  • Culture of Dignity

  • Amplifying Our Faith Voices

  • Effective Team Development

Academy attendees develop empowerment and organizational tools, and they finish the program excited to bring positive transformation to their communities.

Are you interested in hosting a Leadership Academy cohort at your place of worship? Let us know! All faith traditions are welcome.